Goddess Destiny's Chamber

Ms Lydia

Both a lifestyle and professional dominant, I'm a woman of extremes.
My experience stems back to D/s exploration in high school to now
entering my fourth year in the pro arena having been trained under New
York and Philly's finest pro dominas.  My interests are on the polar
ends of the fetish spectrum: I crave control and obedience.  As a
Lydia Supremacist, I get off on forcing my will upon others and
employing disciplinary tactics to break down, mold, and re-build men
into better slaves.  I like making men feel like they're wearing a
mental straight jacket, unable to get out from under my grip.

On the flipside, I can be playful and enjoy a good laugh at the
expense of others. I thoroughly relish in luring men into committing
acts of depravity and reducing them to nothing.  Skilled at verbal
abuse, my tongue stings harder than my whip.  Nothing arouses me more
than tasting the tears of mental anguish.

I'm an exotic blend of mixed Asian backgrounds with a sprinkle of
Caucasian.  I stand at over 6' tall in my size 9 heels and 5'7"
without.  I have slender feet with long slender toes to match, which
love being pampered.  I have a svelte frame designed to tease and

What gets my juices flowing:

*Age play/diaper play
*Behavior modification
*Bladder control
*Bondage: restraints, rope, plastic wrap mummification
*Breath play
*CBT/ball busting
*Corporal punishment- caning, crops, spanking, paddles, flogging
(disciplinary to severe)
*Cuckolding/voyeur fantasies with my switch personal pet (deposit required)
*Cross-dressing/sissy training/forced femme/maid training
*Dinner & Domination
*Domestic discipline
*Electro play
*Face slapping/back handing
*Financial servitude
*Food play
*Forced activities (bi, consumption of fluids, consensual non-consent
strapon, panty sniffing)
*Foot/boot/shoe worship (clean or DIRTY!)
*Golden showers & consumption training- Come do shots at The Lydia
Bar! My well trained bartending muscles will delivery what's fresh on
*Human ATM's for shopping trips
*Humiliation and degradation
*Latex Fetish
*Public play- There's something about exerting my dominance in public
settings that get me so HOT!  This can range from discreet to over the
*Ruby play (showers, tampon gags)
*Scat play- ranging from light to brutal for hardcore pigs into WAM
scat play (all scat requests are to go through Goddess Destiny ONLY)
*Scent play
*Slave protocol & schedule management
*Small Penis Humiliation and exploitation of inadequacies (weight,
appearance, job, living situation)
*Spitting- I have a way about doing this that will make you beg for it
and thank me for the privilege!
*Strapon play and fisting- Mild to wild!  I'm an ass play enthusiast!
*Tease & denial
*Tickle torture
*Verbal abuse- Mmmm!... the more extreme, the better!

I excel at creative non-scripted role plays.  Some of my favorites
involve anything to do with age play:  teacher/student (I can be a
stern teacher or a rebellious school girl), daddy/evil daughter,
babysitter, big sister, mommy, auntie, but also love being a nurse
giving an exam, boss/employee, undercover police officer, prison
warden, and race or religious play.  The more taboo, the better!

To keep the flow going between sessions, I also offer online/phone/cam
domination and giving of assignments to keep you focused.  I welcome
men, women, couples, and transgendered folk to contact me.  I'm
available for double sessions as well. The more the merrier!  For
those wanting to get to know me better before sessioning, I'm
available for phone/web cam or in-person consultations.

Like my interests, my clothing choices are also on polar opposites.  I
am quite the clothing fetishist and have the wardrobe to prove it!  I
choose to adorn myself in latex or PVC fetish wear, frilly Victorian
doll outfits, authentic Catholic school girl outfits, lingerie,
assorted outfits to fit many role plays or regular clothing.  I'm at
home equally in high heels/stiletto boots or running shoes.  I am open
to wardrobe requests or wearing an item especially purchased for me as
long as it's within my style preferences.

I prefer to be addressed as “Ms. Lydia” or “Miss” unless otherwise
instructed as I don’t respond to “Mistress”.  I pair well with
submissives whom I share mutual interests with and are articulate, and
seeking an authentic power exchange. I am also a good match for the
well-behaved discerning fetishist looking for a spicy time with a
devious smile.  I enjoy playing with curious novices looking to
explore for the first time, as well as seasoned players.

Hard limits:
I will respect your hard limits so I expect that you will respect mine...

*No sex of any kind, including intimate "body worship". Do not
embarrass yourself by asking.
*No drugs, illegal substances or activities. Also, do not show up
under the influence of alcohol.  One or two drinks is fine, but "one
too many" isn't safe for play.
*No whining or topping from the bottom.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 122
Bust, waist, hips: 36" (C cup), 26", 34"
Shoe size: 9
Dress size: 2 - 4 or XS - SM, varies by designer and fabric
Stocking/pantyhose size: stocking- size small, pantyhose- size small or A

NiteFlirt: http://www.niteflirt.com/LydiaSupremacy

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