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Miss Audrey Switch

Domme, Sub, Switch, Fetishist & Fetish Model

Men, women, Trans Folk & couples

Available Monday through Friday 12noon-7pm and some Saturdays 12noon-5pm. Schedule is subject to change, please call to inquire.



You cannot resist the temptation to be dominated by an ultra feminine, vivacious "girl next door" brunette bombshell like me, lil Ms. Audrey. You are captivated by my toned, curvaceous body and dazzling smile and will beg me to worship my perfect size 7 1/2 feet, strong legs, round, plump ass.

I, however, get great pleasure imagining busting your balls, teasing you with my body that you cannot have, tickling you to tears, gagging you as I lower my ass onto your face, and all the other fun ways of tormenting you! Hehehe, well, I do it all with a smile and a keep it very lighthearted with my bubbly personality.

Role plays are my specialty in both dominant and submissive/switch roles. I can bring your ultimate role playing fantasies to life and follow a script or imagination perfectly. I can improvise like no other and can add my own creativity to your deepest fantasies. It's so much fun for me to bring a role play into fetish secretary or boss forcing you to worship her feet and legs, naughty school girl teasing you and kicking you in the nuts or getting a spanking, naughty nurse (no enemas) or any other role you can imagine.

Ticklish??? Yesssss!!! I am ridiculously ticklish and love to have my limits tested by a tickle sadist like you. Tie me up, put in in predicaments, and tickle me until I can barely breathe. Tickle role play is one of my favorites. I may get you back, so watch out!

I also enjoy relieving an alpha male of his power for a while. It really gets me excited when he comes in and says, "I am in control all day and would love to just free myself for an hour." That's what it's all about!

Ok, here's the breakdown:
As a Domme:

sensory deprivation, light bondage, foot and leg worship, smothering, breath control/play, tickle torture, role play, scissor holds, obscure fetishes (fun, interesting stuff), small dick humiliation, tease and denial, orgasm control, ball busting, trampling, corporal punishment (would love the opportunity for more!), OTK, spanking, flogging,  and more...if your fantasy is not listed, please ask and I may be into it!

As a sub/switch:

sensory dep (if you are a regular, trusted client), bondage, role play, light humiliation, tickle torture, OTK(light to medium), light spanking/flogging with no marks, and maybe some others that I just can't think of at the moment.

So, what are you waiting for...? XOXOXO, Ms. Audrey

Ms Audrey is available Mon through Friday from 1pm until 8pm and some Saturdays, for early day appointments one day advance notice is required. Evening appointments can be made same day with at least 3 hrs advance notice!


I have a passion for learning what drives your hard wired fetish desires and creating your ideal fantasy. The things about you that you may find strange are what draw me to you and I want to hear every weird, secret,  sexy detail! Your secrets will be safe, respected and indulged with me...welcome to your dreams!
  Here is a list of some of the fetishes that intrigue me the most, some that peak my curiosity, and others that I may have myself.

-OTK spanking and discipline
-ABDL (non messy) role plays, diaper humiliation, etc. yes, I'll wear a diaper!
- age play, age regression
- damsel in distress bondage scenes
- limp play, fainting, knock out fantasy, necro limb play, dark fantasies, crime scenes
- freeze fetish
- ENF (embarrassed nude female)
- belly and belly button play
- weight gaining fantasy
- transformation fantasy
- choking and CPR fantasy
- stockings, pantyhose worship and fantasies
- balloons, b2p and non pop
- body comparison/size/parts
- fantasy wrestling (non nude), holds, victory poses
- voyeurism and fantasy cuckolding (f/f while you are tied, etc)
- Giantess
- foot worship, trampling, ball busting, foot domination
- role play and fantasy

Dress size 6
shoe size 8