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Lady Charlotte Webb

When Your Bratty School Girl Crush Becomes your Reality...

Men, Women, Trans Folk & Couples welcome!

Available by advance appointment only

Look out for Charlotte. When you are least prepared, she will snare you in her web and wrap you up in the blink of an eye... In bondage that is! She loves a variety of restraints; plastic wrap, rope, and duct tape to name a few. And once she's got you on that web, she's got a devious little mind that is sure to inspire plenty of excitement. Charlotte might start out by locking you up in a cage or bring out her more menacing implements. While you are helpless on the web, she will seize every opportunity to take advantage of your vulnerabilities; touch a piece of exposed skin with her electroplay toys, tickle some toes, or get in some bare-handed spanking. Or, for those who enjoy an entirely different mind set during play, she can easily provide sensory deprivation with a little tease and plenty of denial! Charlotte Webb is a lady of many different colors; a day-dream dressed like a night-mare. 

Restraints/ Rope Bondage/ Mummification/ Spanking/ Corporal Punishment/ Crops/ caning/  Flogging/  paddles/ OTK/ Trampling (bare feet/ heels/ boots/ sneakers/ socks) Facial Abuse/ Slapping/ Spitting/ CBT/NT/BB/ Electro-play/ Humiliation/ Verbal Humiliation/ Group Humiliation/ Foot Worship/ Food Play-sploshing-forced feedings/ Collar/ Leash/ Candle Wax/ Caging and Confinement/ Blindfolds/ Gagging/ Forced Bi/ Forced Cross Dressing/ sissy training/ puppy-pet training/  Smelly Shoes/ Feet/ Stockings/ Pantyhose / Strap-on / Light Anal Play-stretching / Sounding/ Recording sessions (with consent) /Sploshing /Forced Workouts/ Chastity/ (Non-scripted) Role-play/ Objectification/ sensory play/ fantasy cuckolding/ tickling you...

Some of my favorite things before we get to the list:

Corporal Punishment
There are a lot of options when it comes to Corporal Punishment. Almost anything which can be picked up can turn into a tool with which I can punish you. While canes, paddles, riding crops, and floggers are obvious choices, I like to challenge myself with creativity and find less obvious ‘beaty things’ as well, if you are feeling adventurous.

Riding crops are definitely my favorite, while some types of canes come in at a close second. I find that crops are flexible yet sturdy. They allow me to be as delicate or cruel as I like, which helps when I alternate between beating the bottoms of your feet and the much more delicate bits dangling between your thighs. I’ve been told by more than a few clients that there is a special gleam in my eyes when I am beating them; they can truly see how happy it makes me.

On the more creative days I’ve been seen picking up work boots, flip flops, books, stuffed animals, wooden spoons, phone chargers, remote controls, pillows… You name it, I’ve probably whacked someone with it at one point or another. I like to laugh at the goofiness of beating someone with a stuffed animal while simultaneously telling them that they deserve to be beaten for whatever reason they’ve inspired. I find it more enjoyable when there is mild, bratty banter passing back and forth…. So long as you remember to thank me after each hit.

Foot & Shoe Worship / Sploshing 
Bare feet are an adventure all their own. All those exposed toes and painted toenails, each one demanding it’s own attention. Ten little toes leading down to the rest of my feet, waiting to be massaged and pampered. Waiting to be kissed and complimented and admired. If you happen to be interested in Sploshing as well, there’s nothing more I’d enjoy than squishing some food between my toes and under my heels. I’d like to feed you those foods with my toes, and let you clean them afterwards.

With so many selections of shoes these days, the only limit is what my closet can hold. If a bare foot isn’t exactly what you want but you’d still like to be at my feet, there’s always some shoes. Heels, boots, flip-flops, slippers. Even socks have their own appeal. Grovel at my feet, grace my shoes with kisses and admiration. Let me use your back like a footstool, the heels of whatever shoes I’m wearing either giving a dull pressure or sharp pain. 

Or perhaps you’d prefer to pamper a few Mistresses? Get two or three of us together, and spend your time pampering each and every foot we have to tease you with. How many toes do you think you can fit inside your mouth? How about having two or three sets of feet rest upon your face or your back? You’ll have so many lovely feet to attend to you’ll barely be able to keep track of them all!

Being left immobile is, in my opinion, one of the greatest surrenders. Getting someone all wrapped up and unable to move is easily one of the most fun experiences. While the traditional ‘mummy’ pose is a crowd pleaser, there’s also the opportunity to select fun poses to place you in. Poses that you will be holding until I’ve chosen to give you your freedom again… And being cut free of those plastic layers with one swift swipe of some scissors is a rush all of it’s own. That first breath of cool, fresh air on your warm and suddenly exposed skin.

Electro-play, wax play, ice, and many other activities are still able to be incorporated with mummification. Depending on the material of your choice, the sensations of electricity or the warmth of wax can still be felt through the layers. The sensations will be less of a shocking experience and more like a soothing afterthought. Unless, of course, you want the harsher aspects to still pass through all those layers.

Add in some ear plugs or a blindfold, and suddenly sensory deprivation is achievable. I can limit how much you can see, so each drop of wax or touch of a riding crop is a surprise. You will never know what is going to happen next. Easy conversation is suddenly muffled by the ear plugs. If you’re lucky enough to experience a session with more than one Mistress, you will never know if we are laughing at your helplessness to move away or teasing about what we are going to do next. You won’t know if we are mapping out where we’d like to drop the wax, or simply drawing on our human canvas with markers. The seconds could feel like minutes, and the minutes could feel like hours.

Now onto the list:

Tease and tons of denial
Swirlies galore!
Forced feeding/forced diet/work out
Water boarding
Crushing objects (NOTHING LIVE, no animals/bugs reptiles...)
Human ashtray/smoking fetish
Edge play/mind fucking
Beat downs
Belly punching with and without boxing gloves/leather gloves
Light raunch... chewed-up food (droped from my mouth into yours, stomped food, spit, nostril offerings...

Height: 5' 7''Weight: 135lbs Bust: 38D Hair: Black Eyes: Blue - Blue/green