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Miss Chloe Fresh

Dominatrix, Sub, Switch & Fetishist
Men, women (cisgender and trans), genderqueer, couples...



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As a submissive: Miss Chloe absolutely loves to be punished for her naughty ways—whether it be flogging, spanking, nipple torture, bondage, or humiliation.  She specializes in fetish fantasy role plays, including professor-student and boss-secretary.  Miss Chloe knows just how to make you melt at her touch until you’re dripping with desire.  She is also a talented burlesque dancer who would love to perform a striptease for your pleasure…

As a Domme: Miss Chloe Fresh specializes in sissification, gender-bending role plays, and strap-on play.  She delights in dressing her sissy slaves in silky lingerie, making them strut around in heels, and—upon request—helping get them dolled up with some makeup.  Whether you desire a role play in which she plays a sadistic femme fatale or prefer her to dress and act as a man in a suit and tie, she’ll make all your fantasies come true.  Her strong, firm grasp on your hips, and her sensual caressing of your sissy breasts will make your panties drip with anticipation, and she will own you.  She’ll have you begging to kneel before her to suck her big rubber cock before getting on all fours as she fucks you from behind while you watch yourself in the mirror.

Love CBT and ballbusting?  Miss Chloe is incredibly creative and sadistic when it comes to cock and ball torture.  Perhaps she’ll cover every inch of your balls in clothespins and swat the pins with a riding crop, or maybe she will tie up your balls and hang weights from them as she commands you to do jumping jacks until your knees begin to shake.  If ballbusting is your thing, she’ll grab and squeeze your balls until you beg for mercy, and push you against the wall and kick them while you yelp in pain.

Want to switch?  Some of Miss Chloe’s favorite switch sessions include tickling, sensation play, nipple play/torture, and flogging.  Miss Chloe is INCREDIBLY ticklish and is a skilled tickler herself—she’ll have you writhing on the table, pleading with her to stop so you can seek your revenge.  Enjoy more of an erotic and kinky session?  Take turns heightening one another’s senses and punishing each other in any way you see fit.  

Miss Chloe Fresh loves to push the boundaries of gender and walks the tightrope between femininity and masculinity:  one moment she'll be sauntering in thigh high stockings and lingerie; the next, she'll have you on your knees sucking her strap-on cock.  As a Domme, she will make you plead for her attention and interest; to prove your worth and  for what you need.  Her playful domination style and sensual touch will heighten your senses and allow you to push your boundaries with pleasure.  She delights in watching you squirm with desire and anticipation until she deems you worthy of her touch.
As a sub, she loves being degraded and punished for her slutty ways.  She'll beg you to tie her up, flog her, spank her, and call her a dirty little whore.  Her favorite sessions include role play with authority figures:  teachers, professors, bosses, and even the occasional parent.  
Want to mix it up?  Chloe is also available to switch sessions in which you can take turns teasing and torturing one another!

Available as a sub for:

Tickle Torture
Power Exchange
Sensation Play
Gender Play

Available as a Domme for:

Role Play 
Gender Play (bring out my masculine side ;))
Forced Feminization (cross-dressing, makeup)
Forced Bi
Body Worship (Non-Intimate)
Tease and Denial
Nipple Torture
Golden Showers
Stocking/Sock Fetishes
Face-Sitting (Not Nude)

Height: 5'10"
Weight:  130lbs
Bra Size: 34A
Panties: Small-Medium
Dress Size: 4-6

Shoe Size:  10.5-11



Philadelphia's Premier House Of Domination

484-252-9115 Center City Philadelphia, Pa.