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Goddess DestinyKaine

Head Mistress

I am back! I Love same day appointments as well as advanced. See MY Twitter for regular schedule updates.

I am 47 yrs old with over 20 years professional experience. Mature & Curvy Philadelphia Dominatrix, Humilitrix, Fetishist, Medical Mistress, Disciplinarian, Long nails & Pantyhose fetishist, Mommy Domme & Sadist...

For Men, Women, couples & Trans Folk

New photos coming soon!

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I am available typically, Tuesday through Saturday  from 2pm-10pm, and some select Sunday evenings. Always call or email to inquire for an exact schedule, this schedule is subject to change. I require 24 hours or more advance notice. Very rare Same day sessions sometimes can be granted.

***Deposits: I DO NOT require, nor do I ask for deposits. I feel that if I do not trust you, and have to require a deposit, than I just should not book you at all. Some of the independent Dommes that rent my facility may require a deposit, note that this has nothing to do with me. That is between you and the Domme you are communicating with. If you communicate directly with anyone other than me, and are asked for a deposit, DO NOT CONTACT ME IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG, OR YOU DO NOT HEAR BACK... Anyone on the net can say they work for me or rent from me, use your smarts before depositing with ANYONE. I am NOT responsible for what you do with others.***

First some new updated info!
August 2018:

I am now a mid-sized curvy woman (working my way out of the BBW category, although I am always naturally thick and curvy at any size) I have recently changed my entire lifestyle to one of healthier eating, working out, dancing, walking for exercise.... I am a non-smoker. And am VERY VERY stringent with my diet and overall new lifestyle. I have lost 60LBS this year, and am working on losing another 35LBS. Once I am at my goal weight with my new healthier slimmer body, professional photos will follow. For now you can see progress photos on both Twitter as well as fetLife, my accounts are listed at the top of this page.

So speaking of my new lifestyle, I always love and appreciate gifts. Healthier gifts: Whole foods gift cards, popular clothing store gift cards (I am going to need an entire new wardrobe, and will no longer need to shop at plus-size shops) Amazon gift Cards, I also love Lush and Sephora as well. So please, no chocolates or fine wines I do love my Fiji water. I no longer eat refined carbs, red meat, pork, sweets or refined starches... I do occasionally enjoy a very good Gin or Vodka.Drinking clear!

If you wish to know, I am A Libra. A Libra through and through! October 12th is my special day. I will be 47 this year, and still hold the natural ability of looking many years younger.What's my secret? NO SUN! And lots of water.

My Look/s
Known for my long nails and my very Femme style

I am a woman of many different looks and styles. You may request one of my many looks for your session if you wish. I love dressing for sessions! Otherwise I will be adorned in my choice of traditional Domme wear.

Traditional Domme; Leather/Vegan Leather, Latex, PVC, Corsets W/ high heels or boots
Punk rock
Biker Chick
Chula (Tough chick, great for beat down sessions!)
Woman next door
Nurse/Dr/Surgeon (Old fashioned real nurse uniform/scrubs/surgical suit)
Jeans and sneakers (Everyday street or athletic wear)
Dresses from formal to Mommy
I also have many costumes: Wizard/Witch/Nun/ And many more, just ask!
High heels, pumps, boots ~High heeled/ankle/knee high/thigh high/wedge~ wedges, sneakers, flip flops, platform shoes/boots and flip flops (Well over 100 pairs of foot wear!)
Pantyhose! I LOVE pantyhose and have so many, in all kinds of sexy or playful designs (Always in suntan/nude hose) Size Q or 1X

Hair: My hair is on the shorter side at the moment and black, forever changing.... I have as many wigs and hair extensions as I do shoes and make-up.
My natural hair (almost shoulder length in front, shorter in back)
Short slicked back hair
Long hair (Straight, wavy or curly)
Bob style
Pony tail
Pig tails
Tight pulled back bun
Mixed colors with my natural black
Red head
Tons more!

Other adornments: I have a few tattoos, and a few piercings that can be seen in my photos.

I am what you would call a Ultra feminine Girly-girl. With all of my different looks, love of make-up, hair, jewelry, fragrance and fashion! Do feel free to request any look you may enjoy. I'm truly a woman of 1,000 faces! And have everything at hand with a few hours notice!

Now onto the other stuff:

I am a long-time Philadelphia Dominatrix, I was on a long sabbatical, but now I am back, sessioning full-time! I will skip all of the history most you you already know. For all of you new comers I am 20+ years experienced and owner of my own Chamber/play space/dungeon, which I share with a very select few. No longer a "House of Domination" But a small collective of beautiful and skilled Domina's and occasional visiting Domme's from all corners of the world. I have two dungeons as well as a very well equipped medical facility. My Chambers is well equipped, clean, safe and private With fully stocked shower room for your use. I use all medical grade cleaning solutions. Including Cavicide/autoclave... as well as other name brand disinfectants and cleaners. Even our ropes are properly washed and cleaned after every single use. You may see two or three of us sitting in (including myself). But no longer several ladies sitting in.

I also offer Double & triple Domme sessions, as well private one on one sessions. Private sessions are one on one (or double/multi Domme if requested), with use of the entire Chambers with no other sessions, members, or distractions. Great for longer/extended sessions, we all offer "Private time sessions"

My Chamber is NOW a SMOKE FREE and PET FREE establishment. I no longer permit smoking inside nor outside the studio doors!

 As mentioned above I have many years experience. I love everything from role-pay, x-dressing, tickle(ler) sessions, to the more extreme and niche sessions. I love humiliation both verbal and physical as well as raunch play, medical light to extreme, corporal scenes and other fetish and/or sadistic play. I can be a loving and caring disciplinarian or a VERY strict disciplinarian. My sessions are catered around your experience, likes, and limits, as well as new experiences you wish to try. I WILL push your limits. I am always very cautious and aware of your reactions, I always use safe-words and/or actions if there is sensory deprivation involved. I also enjoy working with those new to the scene as well as women.

 Fetishes, Fantasies, Humilation and BDSM from light to extreme:

My favorite scenes these days are:
Tickling (Give and receive)
Domestic discipline
Humiliation mental/verbal and physical
My list is in no particular order~
Feel free to email and ask about your specific fantasy scenario if you do not see it listed:

~Role-Play: Creative scenes, Mean auntie, Mommy, judicial, authority figure, disciplinarian the list of roles is endless
~Nipple play/ torture
~Fantasy Therapy and reprogramming
~Ball busting/kicking/slapping/punching/W/without Boxing gloves
~Medical scenarios from light to extreme Humiliating examinations, light enemas, play piercing, sounds, catheters, anal stretching scrotal inflation's...
~Electro- play (Eros-tek, manyTENS units, cattle prods, tasers, PES, and Zeus units, violet wand, electro humbler, electro cock board. several attachments )
~ABDL: Diaper Changes, powdering, diaper humiliation, mean Mommy, Nanny...
~Discipline: OTK, impact play, caning, paddles, whips, signal whips, snake whips, floggers, straps, belts, hair brush spankings...
~Behavior modification
~Mouth soaping
~Verbal humiliation
~Physical humiliation
~Bondage: Rope, leather, restraints, mummification...
~Sensory deprivation Blindfolds, hoods, gags....
~Tickle torture
~Long finger nail fetish/play/worship
~Foot worship, hands/nails, legs, ass (NO intimate worship)
~Smothering, face sitting (Not Nude)
~Wrestling holds
~Fantasy wrestling and take downs
~Anal stretching/fisting/footing
~Slut training
~Cross Dressing (clothes, shoes, wigs, make-up, lingerie. (Be prepared to give me your measurements and shoe size)
~Breath play (NO choke outs)
~HOM (Hand over mouth)
~Knife play, needles, scalpels...
~Wax play
~Sensation play
~Facial abuse: Spitting, slapping, pinching...
~Forced feeding (you bring the food)
~Forced intox (you bring)
~Sploshing (again you supply the pies/food/liquids/clean up)
~Showers (B/G and Roman) No ruby
~One sided boxing beat downs with boxing gloves
~Most fetishes from common to the bizarre~

*The list goes on, ask if you don't see it listed*

I do have an adoration for the taboo and more niche scenes, so don't be shy.

What I do not offer:

No crushing of anything living or once living
No full nudity
No heavy extreme enemas, only light/mild
NO ruby showers or menstrual play on my side
Full body suspension
NO subbing or switching (Don't even ask)
No biting or anything involving my mouth on skin

I love Double even triple Domme sessions!
I enjoy playing along side;

Skyler Grey
Mari Sladen
Veronica Bound
Mistress Rita
Miss Audrey Switch
Goddess Eden (When, she is available)
Mistress Isadora