Updated November1st 2018


Located in Center City Philadelphia.

We cater to men, women, Trans folk, couples and photographers/film makers.

I also offer room rentals to couples as well as visiting Pro-Dommes/switches and host many local Dommes.

$$$ Note that we are cash only. $$$

Convenient to all Bridges and expressways Walt Whitman, Ben Franklin... 95, 676... and local to all Public transportation. Amtrak 30th street Station, City Hall station, Jefferson Station, Subway or Market Frankford EL train, GreyHound, China Town bus terminal (Filbert Street) Mega Bus. Walking distance from most Center City hotels and the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Metered as well as garage and lot parking reasonably priced near by. Feel free to ask me where to park.

 Q: Is Destiny's Chamber a house of Domination? 
A: I now offer you "Destiny's Chamber". An extension of Philadelphia's oldest, largest and most respected House Of Domination, some of you may remember the original Olde English Chambers, I started working there in 1990, and took over ownership in 1996. We are a group of new and experienced Dommes, subs and switches. We share a multi-room play space, and go by appointment only (No walk-ins). During peek hours you can book short notice same day appointments, with as little as 30 minutes lead time. For evening appointments it's always best to call by 6pm to have the largest selection and ability to see exactly who you wish to see.
Q: Are the Dominants on the site readily available for same day appointments? A:  Yes, a few select Dommes/switches/subs on staff do sit in daily, and are readily
available for short notice appointments. However some Dommes may only be available with advance appointments. 24 hrs notice or more is acceptable.
Q: When I call can I speak directly to the Domme I am interested in sessioning with? A:  You may set up an appointment through Me and get any information
you will need through Me. My reputation is impeccable, and you can be assured to have your questions answered honestly. I do NOT set up sessions that I know will not work, I rather turn you and your money away, than lie to you. My Reputation means more to me than your dollar. I am known for making great matches!
Q: Goddess Destiny, what hours and days do you offer sessions?
A: We available Monday through Friday, from 11am until 10PM. We are also available for Saturday appointments from 12noon until 7pm. With advance notice we can certainly offer earlier or later sessions. We also offer advanced/pre-booked and private time sessions on Sundays, however there are NO phone hours on Sundays. You must book Sundays in advance or contact your Domme directly if you see an independent who uses my Chambers.

Q: I called you, and left a voice mail, I never heard back. A: As a rule, unless I know you well, I will NOT return a call to you, this is for your privacy, you can always follow up with a polite text message, or a call back during business hours. i.e. wife/boss/kids...

Q: I emailed you and have not gotten a response, why not? A: There is a possibility, I looked over, or lost your email, please try again. There is also the possibility I have no desire to session with you. If your subject was something along the lines of "hey" or asking for ANY illegal practices I WILL NOT respond to you, call an escort! If you are seeking a same day visit calling after 11am on that day is always best!
Q: What type of sessions are available for a half hour visit? A: OTK, foot fetish/worship, fingernail fetish, light Domination...

Q: Do you offer extended and over night sessions?
A: YES, I (Destiny) most certainly do, and love doing longer sessions, please contact Me direct for pricing, I do offer a discount for longer sessions. Also some of the more experienced Dommes/switches and subs also offer extended sessions. However I always do suggest for a first time visit, start with an hour with the option to extend. For extended sessions you may also be asked to send a deposit. For me personally Amazon Gift Cards are the best and easiest way for you to make a deposit. Others/independents using my Chambers may have their own method of depositing.

Q: May I bring or buy some toys for my sessions? A: Yes, you may. Either your own private collection, or purchasing toys to use then donate to My play-space are both acceptable!

Q: Are your toys and space clean? A: YES, very! I take pride in my cleaning rituals and the hospital grade products that I use. You never ever have to worry about cleanliness here, it is of the upmost importance to Me and my staff members.
Q: Is you space handicap accessible?
A: YES! Our new Center City location is!

Q: Are you convenient to Center City express ways, public transportation and all bridges?
A: Yes we are! Only blocks away from all. And a short walk from the Convention Center, and the center of town.

**We do not offer or provide any escort services, sex nor are we prostitutes. This is fetish, fantasy, BDSM entertainment ONLY. Please do not ask about or for sexual services, you will be asked to leave.



Philadelphia's Premier House Of Domination


484-252-9115 Center City Philadelphia, Pa.