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To schedule a session with me follow the info below:

My Availability:

I'm typically available Tuesday through Saturday from 2pm-11pm (with notice I can see you outside of those times)

Some select Sunday & Monday evenings may be available(w/advance notice)
Always call or email direct to inquire for an exact time, day or evening.
When time allows I am sometimes available same day with short notice.
For same day sessions it is always best to call direct. Please call from an unblocked number. Please do not leave voicemail, for your privacy I do not return messages.Please do not text me, unless we have corresponded and have sessioned in the past. I do not respond to numbers I do not recognize.

 Now for A Little bit about Me;

I am a Philadelphia Pennsylvania based Dominatrix. I have owned and run my own Dungeon for many years. I do not travel for sessions. I prefer to stay in my home city. I do not accept outcalls, I have my own multi-room, private fully equipped dungeon. I have two dungeon rooms, one equipped for suspension, a Domestic room for those that prefer more of a mild cozy atmosphere, a large walk in cross-dressing closet, and my favorite... The Medical Room!

 I have lots of hands on experience, over 25 years. I love everything from role-pay, x-dressing, tickle(ler) sessions, to the more extreme and niche sessions. I love humiliation both verbal and physical as well as raunch play, medical light to extreme ( I am very experienced in medical play and love a good heavy lengthy scene, I also enjoy corporal scenes as well as many other fetishes and/or sadistic play, after all I am a sadist at heart. I can be a loving and caring disciplinarian or a VERY strict and ruthless Dominant, I like a mix of both. My sessions are catered around your experience,likes, curiosities and hard limits, as well as new experiences you wish to try. With each visit to me, I will push your limits and always introduce you to something new, I do not repeat the same session twice! Unless that's what you are seeking. I am very creative, and skilled. I have skills from A-Z and love to use them.

If you are new to me or new at exploring your kinks  these are a few activities you might explore with me in a first vist.Perhaps a little role-play, light bondage, CBT/NT, a little impact play (spanking, light paddle...) maybe some electro if you are open to explore in that area, sensations play, teasing, perhaps some anal training.

 I WILL push your limits. I am always very cautious and aware of your reactions, I always use safe-words and/or actions if there is sensory deprivation involved. I also enjoy working with those new to the scene as well as women.

I also enjoy double and even triple Domme sessions. Those that I have the best chemistry with would be: Skyler Grey, Mistress Kinvera and Miss Audry Switch.


 I offer many different Fetishes, Fantasies, Humiliation/degradation, BDSM, Medical play & Bondage from light to  extreme levels, for the beginner to the very well seasoned Veteran player. With over 25 years of hands on  experience.

~Here is a short list of a few of my favorite activities~

***Feel free to email and ask about your specific fantasy scenario/fetish/activity if you do not see it listed***

~Medical play from light to extreme.

Humiliating examinations,light enemas, play piercing, sounds (I have a huge  collection of all types and sizes) catheters regular, condom caths/leg bags & Foley, speculums both stainless  steel as well as disposable.Anal training, stretching, torture, plugs, inflatables, every size, shape,  circumference, and texture anal toys, including electro-stim, scrotal inflation's/injections/infusions & more.


Ropes, restraints of all kinds, Saran wrap, industrial wrap, Duct Tape, bondage tape, chains, leather  straps, facial bondage, cable ties, silks: stockings & scarf, predicament bondage, cock and ball bondage, sensory  deprivation, mixed bondage, mental bondage, FULL MULTI LAYER MUMMIFICATION! (Saran wrap/industrial wrap, Duct tape,  bondage tape, or even my FUN crime scene tape over top. layer by layer by layer...Then I carefully use my scalpel to slowly cut away areas I want open, leaving you totally helpless and victim to me, to do anything I please, Do  you trust me ;))

~Electro- play:

(Eros-tek, manyTENS units, cattle prods, tasers, PES, and Zeus units, violet wand, electro humbler,   electro cock board. several attachments )


Creative scenes of all types, I love and excel with RP scenarios. There's an endless list of roles I  enjoy! Wardrobe requests accepted as well as light scripting. I have terrific verbal skills, and great    improvisation skills (Therefore I also offer & enjoy phone/text and email sessions)


"Cock and Ball torture" from very light to very heavy/extreme. Endless possibilities. A TRUE PASSION OF MINE!


"Nipple torture" from light & fun, to creative, play piercing/needles, vampire gloves, clips, clamps, cupping,  fire, harsh abrassion, heavy to extreme

~Mental Fantasy:

Fantasy Therapy & reprogramming, Hypno (fantasy only) Behavior modification, slave training, mind fucks

~Ball busting:

slapping/punching/W/without Boxing gloves, stomping, standing, so many fun methods.Especially fun   when 2, 3 or even 4 of us get togther and give it to you real good...arms held behind your back, you totally   helpless and   exposed...Better hope for your sake we can't find a blindfold...


Judicial caning and punishments, OTK, bare hand spanking, impact play, caning: I can give you hundreds  of very precise cane strokes, paddles, whips, signal whips, snake whips, floggers,  straps, belts, hair   brush  spankings... I am very highly skilled with even the most difficult of whips.


Verbal, physical, public... So much to explore in this area of play

~Sensory deprivation:

Blindfolds, hoods, gags, era plugs, head bondage, mental bondage

~Smoking fetish:

I do offer smoking fetish sessions (Please note, I am a light smoker, and I DO NOT reek of    cigarette smoke, ever.) You can be my human ashtray, your hands, face, your mouth open and ready for my ash, you tied up while I seductively blow smoke in your face. For the masochist, I'll burn you and use you for all my ashtray needs, gas mask you and fill you with so much smoke!... For the more sensual, I will tease you...

~Tie & Tease


~Anal training:

Stretching, fisting, footing (My size 10's) anal torture, speculums of all sizes, electro-stim, electro plugs, a  multitude of dildos and other toys, big toys, huge toys... even little toys for you little bois ;)

~Slut training

~Cross Dressing

~Forced feminization

(light to heavy)I absolutely love a good interrogation scene whether it be 1 hour, or 6 hours...And  I LOVE a good chalange!

~Breath play: (NO choke outs)

~HOM (Hand over mouth)


Knife play, needles, scalpels...

~Sensation play:

Wartenberg wheels, ice, heat, wax, pinching, poking, fur, feathers, daggers, silk...the list is  endless all the while blindfolded, bound, helpless.

~Facial abuse:

Spitting, slapping, pinching, bondage, hummiliation both verbal & physical...

~Forced feeding

(you bring the food, I'll stuff you full, and may have a few tricks up my sleeve as well)

~Most fetishes from common to the bizarre~

*The list goes on. Don't see it listed, just ask.

I do have an adoration for the taboo and more niche scenes, so don't be shy.

What I do not offer/Hard Limits:

NO crushing of anything living or once living
NO full nudity
NO heavy extreme enemas (I do offer light enema play)
NO Showers of any kind, this includes; Golden, Brown, Ruby & Roman
NO subbing or switching (Don't even ask)

I also enjoy double and even triple Domme sessions. Those that I have the best chemistry with would be: Skyler Grey, Mistress Kinvera and Miss Audrey Switch.