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Philadelphia's Premier House Of Domination

484-252-9115 Center City Philadelphia, Pa.

Mistress Isadora

Skilled Dominatrix, Fetishist... BOMBSHELL

Men, Women, Trans Folk & Couples welcome





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A deviant and sadistic petite platinum blonde, Mistress Isadora is an experienced and alluring purveyor of BDSM and fetish with a penchant for the perverted.  A distinguished and discerning dominatrix, Mistress Isadora has 9 years professional experience and a lifetime of breaking the male ego.

 Like a siren I lure  men into my realm using my exquisite beauty , superior intellect, and devious mind. As a Scorpio, eroticism is in my nature. You will surrender yourself to my depraved desires. You will continuously beg me to push you to your limits for my sadistic pleasure. I become an addiction you can’t quit. Your need for me will pulse through your veins.

 I enjoy inflicting not only physical but mental anguish. I revel in psychodrama. I am an erotic provocateur with a penchant for CBT amongst perversions. I delight in watching you quiver with anticipation of what is to come. You will want to impress me by enduring torment and humiliation for my entertainment.  My wicked smile will haunt your waking dreams. My alluring femininity will intoxicate you. My petite stature, porcelain skin, platinum blonde hair and stunning body command  respect and will bring you to your knees. I have an extensive wardrobe of latex attire, PVC, corsets, catsuits, lingerie, vintage, stockings, garters, pantyhose, gloves, nurse, leather attire, thigh high boots, pencil skirts, and stilettos.

  My interests are wide and varied. I revel in a multi layered scene with those who have depth to their interests or the willingness to explore. I session with both novices and experienced players. I don’t take heavily scripted scenes yet I do enjoy a creative fantasy to play off of. I prefer to flow without certain expectations. 

That said here are activities I excel at:

*CBT- Always puts a genuine smile on my face. Creativity and cruelty are key. I enjoy using cocks for target practice as well as playing with weights, ball crushers, humbler, electric, needles, slapping, twisting.  I could go on and on. 

*Ball busting- Nothing like making a grown man cry by taking him down with one swift perfectly placed kick to the balls. Punching and paddling while laughing at your agony. 

*Foot and shoe/boot/ pantyhose/ stocking  Fetishists- My pedicured size 6 feet enjoy a true foot fetishist massaging them. You better bring your A- game. I’ll allow you to lay at my feet as I tap my foot.  I may even allow you to clean my boots with your tongue. I also enjoy the other aspects of foot fetish , degrading you with my dirty feet, trampling, crushing your cock with my foot or under my heel. I offer aromatic sessions with advanced notice and a deposit. 

*Humiliation/ Degradation-  I’ve been breaking the male ego for as long as I can remember. I delight in your abasement and using you at my whim.

*Power exchange- Give yourself to me to do as I please. Those that share my same interests and are looking to have their limits pushed should surrender to my proficient hands.

*Punishment- You need a harsh hand. From spanking to extreme corporal, floggers, single tail, cattle prod, caning, paddles, OTK.
*Sadistic, sensual tease and denial- I will make you suffer for me but I may reward you if you beg. 
*Psychodrama/ Role Play- I enjoy the imaginative scenes. From somewhat tame to bizarre or taboo.
*Medical Play-needles, sounds, catheter, staples
*Bondage- rope, plastic, immobilisation, chains, mummification 
*Electro Play- Tens, violet wand, sounds, wands
*NT- needles, clamps, suction
*Tickling- You not me
*Sensory overload- Multi layered activities/scenes. Starting slow and building up 
*Sensory deprivation- masks, gags, ear plugs, smothering
*Smothering- Ass, hands
*Cross Dressing- Make you my bitch to pimp out.
*Financial Domination -Blackmail, Ransom, Contracts
*Shopping trips -use you as my credit card
*Face Slapping
*Animal Play
*G/S fantasy
*R/S fantasy
*S/O fantasy
*Fetishes and Fetish clothing
*Spanking- my hands, paddle, strap, brush

In addition to being one of Philly’s most decadent dominas, I am a fetish virtuoso. I enjoy a wide range of fetishes including:

*Feet- I love a good foot massage. I enjoy controlling you with a mere wiggle of my toe. My interests in the foot fetish realm also include trampling, foot domination, shoe/ boot/ feet worship, aromatic, socks, sneakers, stockings/pantyhose
*Nylon Encasement
*My Voice- storytelling, being read to
*Bondage- rope, handcuffs, plastic wrap, tape, cuffs
*Magic Spell
*Water Sports

If your interest or fetish is not listed, you my politely inquire.

My Hard Limits:

Switching, Subbing, being tickled, intimate body worship, GFE, anything ending in “job”, bondassage, competitive wrestling, nudity on my part.