Philadelphia's Premier House Of Domination

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Mistress Lily

Available with advance notice

Men, women, couples & Transn Folk welcome

With Ginger Fire Red Hair and a curvy and petite body covered in Tattoos I am your deepest darkest fantasies come to life. Deliciously Evil, I am a Goddess with over 20 years of experience in Fetishes and Kinks. From the Vault in NYC to the Hellfire Club in London I have experienced the WORLD and can show you things you only dreamed of. When I am done with you, you will feel sensations thru your whole body that last for hours, and memories that will last a lifetime!

Tell me your deepest darkest fantasies and I will teases you with it... make you beg for it...torment you with it and then bring you to the Peak of pleasure and pain. You will worship Me and Thank Me after I show you the secrets of MY WORLD.

Some of my favorite things are...

Tickle Torture (You not Me)

One of my all time favorite things is to tie someone up so that they can barely move and tickle them to the point where they think they are going to explode or pee themselves. first behind your neck. behind your ears. little delicate touches. Tickle Tickle....then moving down your body slowly.. Tickle Tickle.....this time harder... then stop. Deeper... then stop. Faster then stop. then again and again. Every time a little longer. A little more intense until you can’t take it anymore! You will Beg me to stop AND beg me to do it again and again and again!

Sensory Deprivation and Stimulation

Blindfolded. Maybe put in a mask that covers your whole face. Just you and Me in a room. your senses heightened by the fact you can’t see anything. I start touching you. first my fingers. then the delicate scratch of my nails. Maybe I take a leather flogger and slowly run it across your body. dragging the leather straps up your back slowly like little fingers. and then just as I see the hairs on your body standing up I smack your ass with a wooden paddle. suddenly your stimulated. That is just the beginning. Maybe some fire play with hot dripping candle wax or cold ice melting on your nipples....Maybe we explore Breathe play. there are so many sensations....Pleasure and many delights to be had when you are completely under my spell. Lets explore them together. Its up to you if I leave marks or not.

Cross-dressing and Forced Feminization 

Ever wonder what it would be like to play Dress up? Ever wonder what you would look like as a Woman? Maybe a dirty bad Maid who has to clean up her mess?

Whether your looking for a Glamorous Makeover and want a personal lesson on how to become a woman or want to be forced into a Trashy whore I can make you look and feel like the little girl that is screaming inside of you to get out.

Foot and Shoe/Boot Worship

My pale white legs with Egyptian God and Goddess Tattoos are the perfect stems for you to worship and adore! Whether naked and bare feet or in stockings and stilettos. Massage my feet, suck my toes. lick my feet clean or I will punish you.

Sensual & Sadistic Domination...


Rope Bondage

Sploshing & Food Play

Forced Feeding

Forced Feminization and Cross Dressing

Hot Wax & Fire Play


Flogging, Paddling and Crop Punishment

Nipple Torture

Anal play and stretching (I F*** U -soft and sensual or hard and nasty)

Golden Showers (on you)

Sensory Deprivation

Smothering & Breathe Play

Orgasm Denial

non-intimate Body Worship

Tease and Denial

Foot/Leg/Boot/Shoe/Stocking Worship


5’3” Tall.

38 D Bra

Dress size 12-14

Shoe Size 9 (sometimes 10)