Switch Mari Sladen

Philadelphia Domme, Switch, Sub (Heavy), Geek & A VERY heavy hand...

Men, Women, Trans Folk & Couples welcome




Clips4Sale (Coming soon!)

Think you can endure what this 5’11, geeky redhead can give? No? How about a spank off ((see who can be the bigger pain slut)), loser get their ass beat((or balls kicked, whatever you want~)). I promise i won’t let you lose to badly :)

You’ll come in captivated by my smile, tiny waist, long strong legs and huge plump ASSsets and perfect size 11 feet ((perfect to kick you with my dear)). I love taking control and giving control, whatever YOU are in the mood for. Pleasing you in my number one kink, I am here to serve, whether to be as your Mistress or your submissive. As i always say, “Obtenir une fille qui peut faire les deux” ((Get a girl who can do both)).

Spanking has been and always will be my number one kink. As a top i can be stern and heavy handed. Have something you're guilty about? Tell Ms Mary all about it and I will punish you thoroughly. My hand is my best implement, but the sound a cane makes as it hits your naughty bottom is sweet music to my ears. As a bottom I was known as the “heaviest sub” in Los Angeles, meaning I would normally have tops call mercy on me, from their arms tiring out. My record is 200 cane strokes, think you can beat it?

I am extremely ticklish~! From my my underarms to my large feet, i love to have my limits tested and i will pee myself once those limits are found~! My long fingers are good at finding your tender spots and tickling them as well.

Role-playing comes super natural to me from years and years of doing theater work and online gaming. The areas I am best in are Sci-Fi and video game characters (( think aliens , a certain show with a blue box, and a princess who always need saving )), geeky girl next door/school girl you find out has a hidden kinky secret, secretary or boss who forces you to kiss her feet and worship her ass, pirate wench who can give any swash buckler a run for their money, GI Jane/Drill Sergeant

Fetishes that I am a expert in:



-Switching/subbing (Heavy Sub)



-Moderate bondage/restraint

-Tickling (Lee/Ler)

-Foot Worship/Trampling

-Spanking/OTK... Bare hand and many implements

-ABDL/Age regression((Yes~! I will wear a diaper but only make yellow ones))

-Limp/Knock out/ necro limb play/Dahmer

-Pet Play/Furry


-Sensation Play

-Sensory Deprivation


-Non Nude body Worship



-Golden Showers

-Non nude face-sitting

Fetishes I am learning in:





-Forced Feminization (cross-dressing, makeup)


- S.O. play

My stats:
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160
Bra: 32 B
Shoe size: 11
Dress: fuck if i know((if i had to guess 10)) XD
Panties: Medium to large



Philadelphia's Premier House Of Domination


484-252-9115 Center City Philadelphia, Pa.