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Philadelphia's Premier House Of Domination

484-252-9115 Center City Philadelphia, Pa.

Miss Skyler Grey

Dominatrix, light Switch, Fetish Model, and Actress

For men, women, couples & Trans Folk

Tease and denial

I love tease and denial sessions! I'm often asked though what a tease and denial session actually includes. Tease and denial is a situation where a person is stimulated until he or she is close to orgasm, then stimulation is stopped, keeping the person on the brink of orgasm. This is similar to orgasm control, but without the promise of orgasm at the end. There are many ways to tease you and tempt you! It's not just about pleasure for you, as much as it is pleasure for me. Imagine you are tied down with rope to the bondage bed with your arms over you head and legs spread. You are blindfolded and gagged.

I have kept the room a little cool so your bare skin feels even more sensitive and exposed. I run my long sharp finger nails lightly though your hair down your face to your neck. You can feel my silk stockings brush against your thighs as I straddle your body. You can smell jasmine in my hair and feel it slowly drags across your chest. Your body feels tense and relaxed at the same time.

You can't see what I'm going to do next. You can't speak and you can't move. You are completely helpless to me... When you are helpless to me that is when I'm in my element! I control your body and your mind. Tease and denial sessions can contain pain or be pain free. I tailor all my tease and denial sessions to the clients interests and limits that are discussed before the session. So all you have to do is relax and give yourself over to my control. I will take amazingly good care of you..  

Role Play

Role play is so much fun! It really gives us both a chance to get into a fun headspace with each other. I love doing role play in both my domme, sub and switch sessions. A session doesn't have to include role play the whole time. It's fun when it's natural and just flows through out the session. There are so many different roles I enjoy playing. I

can be the very strict but sexy teacher you had in school. The one in tight pencil skirts with stockings and garters that peeked out at you when I cross my legs. If I catch you trying to look up my skirt I'll have to pull you over my knee to spank you in front of the whole class. Your bare red bottom getting as flushed as your embarrassed face!

Or since we have a full medical room at Destiny's Chamber it's a lot of kinky fun to play sexy nurse and  patient. Where I have to give you a very invasive thorough examination in my white pressed nurse uniform. As a switch or sub I love playing the bratty school girl in pigtails and knee highs. Or the snobby cheerleader in my cheerleading uniform, that gets caught by the school coach smoking behind the bleachers and needs to be punished by him or risk being expelled! Role play can be used in any type of session, and is a great chance to just relax yourself and enjoy the experience you are having with me.

Anal and strap-on play

The strap-on is in a world of its own; the psychological power of a cock, of wearing it and fucking with it, and the deep stimulation that it provides, are altogether different than those caused by fingers and toys manipulated by hand.

I love being able to get a guy (or girl) on all fours and pound them from behind. It can be a wild and kinky amazing time! But not everyone can start that way with anal play which is why I also love playing with beginners.

I can be very gentle and read peoples bodies very well. So if you have really wanted to try any kind of anal play but been afraid to try because you are worried about pain, or that I'm just going to use you like the slut you are, don't worry. Everyone is at their own personal level and I am able to work with everyone. Maybe you want a full forced femme experience. You are dressed in panties, stockings and high heels.

I can have you on your knees sucking my strap-on before I bend you over and use you. But that's not for everyone! Maybe you want some strap on play mixed with some bondage.

I have your ankles tied to your hips and can flip your body in every direction to use. Anal play is so versatile! It can be done in a playful way, a forceful way, a humiliating way, and a pleasurable way. Or a mix of all those ways in one session! I always play with people at the level of anal play that they can take. But when you are ready to push your limits, I am ready to guide you to take on more then you ever thought you could!

Now a little about Me...

I have been at Destiny's Chamber for over three years now, I have learned many skills in that time. I have learned to Top/Domme starting from the bottom (sub/switching). Therefore, I know how to make you feel just the right level of pain, or submission, with the ability to safely push your limits, and maybe a touch of pleasure, for that little bit of extra you take for me. I can be very sensual and playful in my sessions but, don't let that fool you. I can be very stern, strict, even demeaning if the session calls for it.

A little history:

 For almost 10 years I've been modeling and filming fetish clips. What I don't get filming though, is that personal interaction with my fans. While I still continue and love to film, I am now able to session in person with my fans thanks to working at Destiny's Chambers!

My style might be a little different from some dommes that I'm very playful. Even when I might be causing you pain I will tend to do it with a little smile on my face. Don't misunderstand me that I can't also be very stern when it's called for. But I truly love what I do and can't help when that expression shows on my face. I don't just want to control your body during a session, I want to control your mind. I want you to feel comfortable and safe to really be free. To let yourself relax and allow me (If even for only an hour) to take control.
I'm very open minded, and from all my years of filming different types of fetish, I have seen and heard a lot! So don't be shy in expressing to me what it is that you enjoy in a session. I want us both to enjoy our time together. Being open and honest is the best way to go out this. Safety is always a top importance in my sessions. 

Your limits will always be respected as I know you will respect mine. 

I am comfortable taking wardrobe requests. If you see something you like in my pictures or movies, and would enjoy me wearing for session please let me know. If I have it available I would enjoy wearing it. I love high heels and you will always see my feet and nails in perfect condition. The list of interests I have could never include every possible interest you or I may have. So if you don't see your interest listed, please contact me to inquire.

Things that I love are:

Anal/strap-on play
Anal Stretching
Anal gang bangs (triple Domme sessions)

Ultimate tease and Denial

Woman on woman cuck sessions

Tickling giving and receiving

Cross dressing and forced Femme


Face sitting
Face farting (I'm a natural)

Bondage (Rope/restraints/mummification)

Nipple torture
Medical play/exams
Electro (TENS unit, violet wand, cattle prod, taser)
Breath play
Face trampling/foot to face smothering
Role play (all types)
Foot/leg and shoe/pantyhose/stocking worship (worship my super long, strong fit legs with or without stockings/pantyhose)
smoking fetish, human ash tray
Food play, sploshing, forced feeding (feeder/feedie)
Face slapping
Role-play (Sexy nurse, stern nurse, boss, secretary, mad wife, baby sitter...)
Verbal humiliation

Physical humiliation
Racial humiliation

ALL types of fetishes! Just ask!

These are only some of the things I love! Each day I try and find new ways to bring you to your knees. So if there is something you don't see here, please just ask! Nothing is too taboo for me to consider.


I'm 5'8 but over 6 feet in heels.
38DD, 28, 38
I'm a shoe size 9
Dress size  10

Stockings/pantyhose med/tall