Goddess Thain

Dominant Sadist, offering sessions and lessons from sensual to strict.
Men, women and couples welcome.

Goddess Thain direct links and contact info:

Double and multiple Mistress sessions - as well as sessions co-topping with Sir Brian - are available, including guinea-pig sessions (where I offer training on you to one of the newer Mistresses in an area she wishes to learn). Speak with Goddess Destiny regarding who may be new, if this is of interest.

If the "Available Now" green button is on my Eros page, you can email me with 2 or more hours' notice for a same day request. https://bdsm.eros.com/pennsylvania/philadelphia/files/686776.htm
Otherwise, 24 hours' notice by email is preferred.

Generally, I am available Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Some Wednesdays and Fridays are also available.
Saturdays are rare, but can be requested with sufficient notice.

Fetishes I enjoy include, but are not limited to:

- Sadism (strict, nurturing and/or sensual): This can include spanking, caning, whips, floggers, abrasion play, CBT, NT, clamps, clothespins, needleplay (see Medical), rough body play (such as punching, slapping & kicking), and bastinado (caning the soles of the feet). Note: if you like to play to the point where you feel that broken skin or bleeding is a concern - or a goal - let me know ahead of time so that the space can be suitably prepared, and bring your own implements (as one cannot bleach leather or wood sufficiently). For anything else, the equipment here will more than suffice.

- Medical play: This can include sounding, needleplay, staples, cupping, electroplay, and any kind of mad scientist roleplay. Naughty Nurse requests can be facilitated with multiple Mistress sessions. Skyler Grey and Charlotte Webb are excellent choices for these requests.
- Tickling and other forms of sensation play (differentiated from sadism because the point is NOT to cause pain - this can be incorporated into nearly all other fetishes listed here, and can range from the softness of fur to the sharpness of a Wartenberg wheel).

- Wax play: I prefer more notice than less for this, to ensure that I have the proper supplies (including clean-up). If you have a preference for a particular scent of wax, let me know.
- Bondage: Rope is a personal favorite of mine, but I also enjoy using cuffs and chain. Note: if you identify as an escape artist, say so ahead of time - SAMs (smart ass masochists) do not please me, as it is generally about attention/showing off and not about enjoying the experience, and if you wish to actually enjoy your time with me, being direct and honest is best. And an escape artist can be bound tighter than other subs and bottoms, because they move more and I don't have to worry as much about circulation getting cut off.

- Breathplay
- Foot, shoe and boot worship: from sensual to sadistic. I am a size 8 (9 in boots), and a selection of my favorites are available for your session. No teeth. Pumps, platforms, knee-high boots, and thigh high boots are available - the taller the boot, the more time I'm going to prefer for advanced notice, unless lacing me into the boots is specifically part of your request.

- Trampling
- Roleplay
- Slut training: from enemas and toys to fisting and strapon. Note: if you are not fully trained in how to prepare yourself for a session, these begin at 90 minutes as an enema WILL be part of the experience. I require a "clean playground" to start.

- Crossdressing/feminization
- Humiliation/objectification
- Human furniture training
- Sensory deprivation: from blindfolds and gags to immobilization bondage and mummification
- Domestic training: such as personal slave, maid, houseboy, etc. This can include feedback from your partner if you wish to have this be a couples session or formal training to make you a better personal slave
- Littles (not ABDL): coloring books, movies, blanket forts, and OTK
- Pet play: puppy, kitten and pony play are what I most enjoy, but I do like when someone requests something new
- Cages

Email if you don't see your interest listed. I can always recommend someone, if I don't offer what you are seeking.

What your session entails will depend on the overlap between what you request and what I enjoy. Have in mind what your interests & limits are - if you do not yet know, be clear about that.

And remember: be polite. Persistence will be interpreted as passive aggression, not charm.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 230 lbs
Dress size: 16
Shoe size: 8
Boot size: 9 preferred
Stockings: Queen

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484-252-9115 Center City Philadelphia, Pa.