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484-252-9115 Center City Philadelphia, Pa.

 Session Tributes... Sessions & Rentals for: Couples/Photographers/Film Makers....

Days/Hours/phone hours...

Center City Philadelphia Pa. Dungeon

Philadelphia's Premier House Of Domination

Open Tuesday through Saturday... 11AM-9PM Appointments outside of these hours are welcome with advance notice.

Sundays/Mondays By advance/private appointments ONLY (No phone hours available Sunday & Monday)

Phone hours: NO TEXTS PLEASE! Only those who have been with us before may text.

Tuesday Through Friday 11am-8pm+ Saturdays 12noon-7pm. Again, no phone hours on Sundays & Mondays.

**However if you see an independent that uses My Chambers you may contact THEM direct to book On those days or any off hours. (This includes anyone who has their own contact info listed on their bio page here)

Session Length & Tribute Info:

$$$Note that we are cash only, we do not accept credit cards.$$$

Short sessions;A short session is perfect when you have limited time, and/or a very short interest list. Great for OTK, short tickle session (no switch tickle sessions) or foot fetish. (No switch or sub sessions)

~1/2hr $160.00 (Limited to...OTK, & foot fetish,tickle, trampling...) (no switch or sub sessions)

~45min session &200.00 Also limited to... OTK & foot fetish, tickle, trampling... (No switch or sub sessions)

~1hr  Domme session $260.00 (Shorter session, not limited, also great for first time/intro sessions)

**Tribute may differ when booking an independent Domme that rents space at the Chambers**

~1hr Double Domme session: $520.00 per hour

~1hr Sub/switch session $320.00

~1hr heavy Sub/switch session $400.00

**Note: We do not offer 1/2hr sub/switch sessions, 1hr minimum**

Longer/Extended sessions;

~90min Domme session $375.00

~90min sub/switch session $450.00 heavy sub add $75.00

~2hrs Domme session $520.00

~2hr Sub/switch session $640.00 Add $100.00 for heavy sub

~3hrs Domme session $780.00
~4hrs Domme session $1,040.00

~5hrs Domme session $1,300.00 (Ask about possible specials when booking, some of us may offer discounts for extended sessions, but keep in mind not everyone does)

**Please note that Visiting and Independent Dommes rates may differ**

Couples sessions with a Domme or a switch/sub

~$300.00 Per hr with Domme

~$350.00 per hr with sub/switch (Add an additional $50.00 for heavy sub/switch)

A few words on what a couples session may include...

We offer yo the opportunity to come in and spend sometime with one of our lovely experienced  Dommes/subs or switches. They will join you in your play, or you can use your session time with one of our experienced Dommes/subs/switches to learn technique... Anything from planning your playtime, role-play planning, using safe words (or other ways to use safe words if you are bound & gagged), safety while playing, how to properly and safely use all of your or our implements/toys, how to clean and sanitise your toys after play, how to have a have a clean, safe, consensual & sanitary scene and of course aftercare technique! Your time can be used in many way. You can book for more than an hour if you wish to split your time between instruction and playtime. That's up to you. We also always allow for the two of you to have some alone time/privacy towards the end of your stay.

Couples Room Rentals;

~$150.00 per hr rentals

~$225.00 90min rental

~$300.00 2hr rental

~$400.00 3hr rental (Discounted)

A Few Words On Couples Rentals...

If you are coming in to play with just you and your play partner/s.... we offer room rentals. You will be able to choose your room (we are currently expanding and doing more renovations late summer/early fall. For now the photos on the play-space page are accurate.)

You can look at the site to choose your room in advance or you may come in and see the rooms available and choose at that time (this is best after 6pm). I always recommend  your session gets booked for before 12noon, or after 6pm for absolute privacy and the ability to use more than one room, or the entire facility!

Advanced booking is always best. A few days advance notice/booking will guarantee you the room/space that you desire.There will also be a female manager/assistant to assist you during your visit. They will be able to show you around, answer any question, gather any toys you may want to use that may not already be in the room you are using, they will also instruct you on where to place used toys,so that we can clean and replace them properly. This also grants you the comfort that any toy, implement or furnishings that you use, are always properly cleaned/sanitized after every session. So you simply come in, play and we do all the rest, including clean-up! You of course will be offered a trash bag to toss any throw away/disposable items in.

Photographers & Film Makers/producers:

Professional photographers and film makers/producers as well as hobby photographers and filmmakers are welcome to rent my Chambers/studio for professional and or fun shoots and filming! Whether it's for website content of just for fun. I offer off peek hours for these shoots, so that you have total privacy, with just you, your crew, model/s and an assistant from my staff on premises to assist you with anything you may need or questions you may have.

Everything at the Chambers is for your use, from any room/s, bondage furnishings, toys, rope, restraints, soft box lighting, umbrella lighting, tri-pods...

Hours offered:
By advance appointment only.
Monday through Friday from 8am-11:30am Then again later in the day from 7pm until midnight or later.
Sundays all day/eve from 10am-12midnight or later, advance appointment only.

Also keep in mind there are many well established fetish models on staff at the Chambers. Feel free to reach out to them to inquire if you wish to have them join you in a paid shoot. each have their Twitter and or Model Mayhem pages listed on their pages here, I can very highly suggest...

Miss Audrey Switch
Skyler Grey
Mari Sladen

Goddess Destiny

Pandora Jones

Nadia White

We always have new talent, so never hesitate to ask!

Each mentioned above has lots of experience with modeling for stills as well as film, you may have seen them on sites such as Punished Brats, Bigger Badder Babes, Milked and Busted, Tied and Tapped, AAASpanking, CheerleaderSpanking, FTKLTickling and more! They also have their own Clips4Sale,KinkBomb stores and offer custom clips and some offer live cam sessions as well.

**We do not offer or provide any escort services, sex nor are we prostitutes. This is fetish, fantasy, BDSM entertainment ONLY. Please do not ask about or for sexual services, you will be asked to leave, with NO refund. If it ends in ~JOB~ look elsewhere

**Please do not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a drink or two before or even during is fine.

**Please come prepared, fresh and clean. WE do have a full shower facility if you wish to freshen up before and/or after.